India, 360 Degrees at a Time, Part Four

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Here’s the fourth part of my ongoing series.

After Hampi we went to Bangalore to attend (Fantastic , btw. The concerts at
the venue are unparalleled.) From there we flew up to Udaipur, in Rajasthan. Udaipur
is (among other ) famous for being the place where the central scenes of Octopussy were filmed.
Octopussy’s famous white palace is on Jagniwas Island in Lake Pichola:


This panorama was taken from another island in the lake, Jagmandir Island, which is visible in the following shot on the left:


Udaipur’s scenery, seen from the Maharaja’s City Palace down onto Pichola Lake:


That’s all for Udaipur, tomorrow I’ll post more panoramas, from other stops of our trip.