systemd.conf 2015 Summary

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systemd.conf 2015 is Over Now!

Last week our first systemd.conf conference
took place at betahaus, in Berlin, Germany. With almost 100 attendees,
a dense schedule of 23 high-quality talks stuffed into a single track
on just two days, a productive hackfest and numerous consumed
Club-Mates I believe it was quite a success!

If you couldn’t attend the conference, you may watch all talks on our
. The
slides are available

Many photos from the conference are available on the Google Events
. Enjoy!

I’d specifically like to thank Daniel Mack, Chris Kühl and Nils Magnus
for running the conference, and making sure that it worked out as
smoothly as it did! Thank you very much, you did a fantastic job!

I’d also specifically like to thank the CCC Video Operation
folks for the excellent video coverage of
the conference. Not only did they implement a live-stream for the
entire talks part of the conference, but also cut and uploaded videos
of all talks to our YouTube

within the same day (in fact, within a few hours after the talks
finished). That’s quite an impressive feat!

The folks from LinuxTag e.V. put a lot of time and energy in the
organization. It was great to see how well this all worked out!
Excellent work!

(BTW, LinuxTag e.V. and the CCC Video Operation Center folks are
willing to help with the organization of Free Software community
events in Germany (and Europe?). Hence, if you need an entity that can
do the financial work and other stuff for your Free Software project’s
conference, consider pinging LinuxTag, they might be willing to
help. Similar, if you are organizing such an event and are thinking
about providing video coverage, consider pinging the the CCC VOC
folks! Both of them get our best recommendations!)

I’d also like to thank our conference
Specifically, we’d like to thank our Gold Sponsors Red Hat and
CoreOS for their support. We’d also like to thank our Silver
Sponsor Codethink, and our Bronze Sponsors Pengutronix,
Pantheon, Collabora, Endocode, the Linux Foundation,
Samsung and Travelping, as well as our Cooperation Partners
LinuxTag and, and our Media Partner

Last but not least I’d really like to thank our speakers and attendees
for presenting and participating in the conference. Of course, the
conference we put together specifically for you, and we really hope
you had as much fun at it as we did!

Thank you all for attending, supporting, and organizing systemd.conf
! We are looking forward to seeing you
and working with you again at systemd.conf 2016!