Conservancy’s Year In Review 2015

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If you’ve noticed my blog a little silent the past few weeks, I’ve been
spending my blogging time in December writing blogs on Conservancy’s site
for Conservancy’s 2015:
Year in Review series

So far, these are the ones that were posted:

Karen Sandler Speaks about IRS Charity Issues
Bradley M. Kuhn Speaks About Future of Copyleft
Bradley and Karen Speak at FOSDEM 2015
Conservancy Wins DMCA Exception for Smart TVs

Generally speaking, if you want to keep up with my work, you probably
should subscribe not only to my blog but also to Conservancy’s. I tend to
crosspost the more personal pieces, but if something is purely a
Conservancy matter and doesn’t relate to usual things I write about here, I
don’t crosspost.