Security advisories for Wednesday

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CentOS has updated kernel (C6:
two vulnerabilities).

Debian has updated icedove (multiple vulnerabilities) and libav (multiple vulnerabilities).

Debian-LTS has updated libav (multiple vulnerabilities).

Fedora has updated gd (F23: denial of service) and links (F24; F23: anonymity leak).

openSUSE has updated flex, at,
libbonobo, netpbm, openslp, sgmltool, virtuoso
(Leap42.1: buffer
overflow), mariadb (Leap42.1: SQL
injection/privilege escalation), and php5
(Leap42.1: multiple vulnerabilities).

Oracle has updated kernel (OL6: three vulnerabilities).

Red Hat has updated chromium-browser (RHEL6: multiple
vulnerabilities) and kernel (RHEL6: two vulnerabilities).

Scientific Linux has updated thunderbird (SL5,6,7: multiple vulnerabilities).

Ubuntu has updated php5, php7.0 (multiple vulnerabilities).