Security advisories for Wednesday

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CentOS has updated kernel (C6:

Debian has updated asterisk
(multiple vulnerabilities) and nginx (privilege escalation).

Debian-LTS has updated nspr (information ), nss (information disclosure), potrace (multiple vulnerabilities), qemu (multiple vulnerabilities), and qemu-kvm (multiple vulnerabilities).

Fedora has updated -Image-Info (F24; F23: information disclosure).

Mageia has updated graphicsmagick (three vulnerabilities), java-1.8.0-openjdk (multiple vulnerabilities), mpg123 (denial of service), and tor (denial of service).

openSUSE has updated GraphicsMagick (Leap42.1; 13.2: multiple vulnerabilities), guile (13.2: two vulnerabilities),
guile1 (Leap42.1; 13.2: information disclosure), firefox (Leap42.1, 13.2: two vulnerabilities),
qemu (Leap42.1: multiple vulnerabilities),
quagga (Leap42.1: stack overrun), and kernel (13.2: multiple vulnerabilities).

Oracle has updated kernel (OL6:
privilege escalation).

Red Hat has updated (RHEL6; RHEL6.7:
privilege escalation) and kernel-rt (RHEMRG2.5; RHEL7: two vulnerabilities).

Scientific Linux has updated kernel (SL6: privilege escalation).

Ubuntu has updated nginx (16.10,
16.04, 14.04: privilege escalation).