[$] Six (or seven) new system calls for filesystem mounting

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Mounting filesystems is a complicated business. The kernel supports a wide
variety of filesystem types, and each has its own,
often extensive set of options. As a result, the mount()
system call
is complex, and the list of mount
is a rather long read. But even with all of that complexity,
mount() does not do everything that users would like. For
example, the options for a mount operation must all fit within a single
4096-byte page — the fact that this is a problem for some users is
illustrative in its own right. The
problems with mount() have come up at various meetings, including
at the 2018 Linux Storage, Filesystem, and
Memory-Management Summit
. A set
of patches
implementing a new approach is getting closer to being
ready, but it features some complexity of its own and there are some
remaining concerns about the proposed system-call API.