[$] A new free-software forge: sr.ht

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Many projects have adopted the “GitHub style” of development over the last
few years, though, of course, there are some high-profile exceptions that
still use patches and mailing lists. Many projects are leery of putting
all of their project metadata into a proprietary service, with limited
means of usefully retrieving it should that be necessary, which is why
GitLab (which is at least “open core”) has been gaining some traction. A recently announced
effort looks to kind of bridge the gap; Drew DeVault’s sr.ht (“the hacker’s forge“)
combines elements of
both styles of development in a “100% free and open source software
“. It looks to be an ambitious project, but it
may also suffer from a lack of “social network” effects, which is part of
what sustains GitHub as the forge of choice today, it seems.