Facial Recognition Faces More Proposed Bans Across U.S.

Post Syndicated from Joanna Goodrich original https://spectrum.ieee.org/news-from-around-ieee/the-institute/ieee-member-news/why-san-francisco-banned-the-use-of-facial-recognition-technology

Critics say the technology is not very accurate, and is often rolled out first in minority communities

THE INSTITUTESeveral companies, including Amazon and Clarifai, are working to create reliable facial recognition technology for use by government agencies and law enforcement to catch criminals and find missing children. 

Amazon’s Rekognition can identify, analyze, and track people in real time. Within seconds, the software can compare information it collects against databases housing millions of images. Law enforcement agencies have used the technology to help find missing people and to identify suspects in terrorist attacks.

While this technology may have benefits, it has recently faced some backlash. Many people are concerned about racial bias and protecting citizen’s privacy.