No, Thank You!

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collage of thank you notes sent to Backblaze

One of the things that can get lost in the day-to-day operations of a company is how you’re helping the people at the other end of your product or service. Everyone is busy working on their projects, trying to make the product better, but sometimes if you’re laser-focused on your tasks you can miss the larger picture. Sure, Backblaze team members know that backups are important, and that affordable cloud storage is needed for all kinds of people and organizations, but sometimes it takes a nice handwritten note to remind us that the hard work we’re doing is making a difference.

Handwritten notes might sound a little funny in our digital age, but when users return their USB hard drives to us for a refund, they sometimes leave a little note, and it makes our day whenever we see them. We like to share these with the company whenever they come in, and wanted to highlight a few of them in this post!

Thank you for being a life saver

Thank you Backblaze! You saved all of Mom's pictures!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! You're the best.

Thanks Backblaze! The restore worked like a charm!

Thanks Backblaze! You saved the family photos again!

We love getting little notes like this because it helps remind us that we’re truly making a difference. If you’re using web services that are lifesavers or give you the warm and fuzzies, go ahead and send them a thank you note — the notes are even mentioned in our recent Who We Are & What We Do video! We’re sure they’ll love the kudos.

Have a tool or service that you love? Give them a shout-out in the comments below!

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