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Volkswagen’s Concept Robot Would Bring Mobile EV Charging to Any Garage

Post Syndicated from Evan Ackerman original https://spectrum.ieee.org/cars-that-think/transportation/infrastructure/volkswagens-concept-robot-would-bring-mobile-ev-charging-to-any-garage

As the fraction of vehicles on the road that are electric increases, finding places to charge up away from home gets more complicated. Ideally, you want your car charging whenever it’s parked so that it’s always topped up, but in urban parking garages, typically just a few spaces (if any) are equipped for electric vehicle charging.

Ideally, the number of EV-friendly spaces would increase with demand, but wiring up a bajillion parking spaces with dedicated chargers isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. With that in mind, Volkswagen has come up with a concept for a way to charge any vehicle in a parking garage, using an autonomous mobile robot that can ferry battery packs around and plug them directly into your car.

If Navigation Apps Don’t Alleviate Congestion—Could City-Wide Traffic Software Help?

Post Syndicated from Erica Snyder original https://spectrum.ieee.org/cars-that-think/transportation/infrastructure/if-navigation-apps-dont-alleviate-congestioncould-citywide-traffic-software-help

Traffic software providers Mobi and Axilion have taken two very different approaches to solving the world’s congestion crisis

Aside from being a major nuisance to commuters, traffic congestion costs the average American driver $1,348 annually in lost time. According to INRIX, an analytics company based in Washington state, Americans lost 97 hours each to congestion in 2018 alone. 

We are in a congestion crisis and the problem is not exclusive to America—Londoners lost 227 hours apiece due to congestion, according to the same study. 

With the rise of technological advances including IoT and AI, multiple companies are now working on ways to reduce congestion for residents and cities alike. Mobi, a traffic management company based in Israel, sells technology that aggregates data from a wide variety of sources to predict traffic patterns and optimize mobility.