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SS7ware’s insights from the MVNOs World Congress

Post Syndicated from Yate Team original https://blog.yate.ro/2017/05/08/ss7ware-insights-from-the-mvnos-world-congress/

We just got back from the MVNOs World Congress, in Nice, where we did quite a good impression with our YateHSS/HLR and YateUCN solutions for MVNOs. The “not so shocking” conclusion that we came to was that our public pricing policy impacts the MVNO market at its core.

Guaranteed Bit Rate per UE with YateUCN

Post Syndicated from Yate Team original https://blog.yate.ro/2016/05/30/guaranteed-bit-rate-per-ue-with-yateucn/

A minimum Guaranteed Bit Rate for the default bearer of an UE may sound unusual, but YateUCN is able to do just that. Through its MME/PGW components, YateUCN allows operators to set the Guaranteed Bit Rate, therefore the bandwidth can be divided fairly to the connected subscribers supported by the same eNodeB. This is beneficial […]

Busy 2016 for Yate SDMN products

Post Syndicated from Yate Team original http://blog.yate.ro/2016/01/21/busy-2016-for-yate-sdmn-products/

Stepping into 2016, we have exciting news. Through 2015 we continued to develop the GSM/GPRS SatSite base station, as well as our main core network products: the ​2G/2.5G/4G YateUCN core network and the ​2G/3G/4G YateHSS/HLR. We start 2016 with the release of the LTE SatSite Model 142, with software-selectable LTE or GSM/GPRS operation, generating 10-20 […]

Modernizing GSM networks – an ever difficult feat

Post Syndicated from Yate Team original http://blog.yate.ro/2015/10/21/modernizing-gsm-networks-an-ever-difficult-feat/

GSM has turned 24 this year and throughout this time showed that it is invaluable for telephone calls and M2M applications. Many industry observers estimate that 2G will continue to be in use even after 3G is discontinued. But GSM networks are confronted with the difficult task of adapting to the new operating environments. The […]

SS7ware @ITU Telecom World 2015

Post Syndicated from Yate Team original http://blog.yate.ro/2015/10/12/ss7ware-itu-telecom-world-2015/

This week we’re at ITU Telecom World, the United Nations Specialized Agency for Information and Communication Technologies conference in Budapest! Let’s meet! October 12 through 15, SS7ware Inc. team is exhibiting at stand P13, in Pavilion F. Here are the highlights for the week: Government and SME Dialogue followed by B2G Lunch: Tuesday, October 13, […]

GSM and LTE, 2 technologies in 1 base station

Post Syndicated from Yate Team original http://blog.yate.ro/2015/10/06/gsm-and-lte-2-technologies-in-1-base-station/

LTE for bandwidth and GSM for voice are a match made in heaven for subscribers. The roll-out however, not so much. Running them both from the same radio equipment (BTS) can be the answer. SatSite can run both YateBTS (GSM) and YateENB (LTE) at the same time, in the same spectrum, using the same radio […]