Mageia 8 has been released

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The Mageia distribution has announced
the release of Mageia 8. It comes with the usual array of new
packages, including a 5.10.16 kernel, Plasma 5.20.4,
GNOME 3.38, Firefox 78, Chromium 88, LibreOffice, and more.
ARM support has continued to develop, with both AArch64 and ARMv7
now having all packages built and being close to primary architectures
now. Support for Wi-Fi installation in the classical installer using WPA2
encryption has been added, as well as improved support for newer
filesystems allowing installations on F2FS. Support for NILFS, XFS, exFAT
and Windows 10 NTFS has been improved to allow for better partition
management. The Live installer has also had significant development. Boot
times have been greatly reduced with the use of Zstd compression and
improved hardware detection and the support for installing updates as a
final step of the installation has been added. Zstd compression has also
been applied to the rescue mode, allowing for faster startup, support for
encrypted LVM/LUKS has also been added.