Security updates for Tuesday

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Security updates have been issued by Debian (kernel and spip), Fedora (kernel), Mageia (chromium-browser-stable, docker, firefox, jpegoptim, nautilus, net-snmp, phoronix-test-suite, php, php-smarty, samba, sdl2, sudo, tor, viewvc, vim, virtualbox, and x11-server), Red Hat (bash, curl, dbus, expat, firefox, go-toolset, golang, java-1.8.0-openjdk, java-17-openjdk, kernel, kernel-rt, kpatch-patch, libreoffice, libtasn1, libtiff, libxml2, libXpm, nodejs, nodejs-nodemon, pcs, postgresql-jdbc, sqlite, sssd, sudo, systemd, and usbguard), Scientific Linux (firefox, java-11-openjdk, and sudo), SUSE (freeradius-server, python-mechanize, and upx), and Ubuntu (exuberant-ctags, haproxy, ruby2.5, ruby3.0, and wheel).