AWS achieves FedRAMP P-ATO for 18 additional services in the AWS US East/West and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

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We’re pleased to announce that 18 additional AWS services have achieved Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Joint Authorization Board (JAB). The following are the 18 additional services with FedRAMP authorization for the US federal government, and organizations with regulated workloads:

  • Amazon Cognito lets you add user sign-up, sign-in, and access control to their web and mobile apps quickly and easily.
  • Amazon Comprehend Medical is a HIPAA-eligible natural language processing (NLP) service that uses machine learning to extract health data from medical text–no machine learning experience is required.
  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) is a managed container service that gives you the flexibility to start, run, and scale Kubernetes applications in the AWS cloud or on-premises.
  • Amazon Pinpoint is a flexible and scalable outbound and inbound marketing communications service.
  • Amazon QuickSight is a scalable, serverless, embeddable, machine learning-powered business intelligence (BI) service built for the cloud that lets you easily create and publish interactive BI dashboards that include Machine Learning-powered insights.
  • Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is a cost-effective, flexible, and scalable email service that enables developers to send mail from within any application.
  • Amazon Textract is a machine learning service that automatically extracts text, handwriting, and other data from scanned documents that goes beyond simple optical character recognition (OCR) to identify, understand, and extract data from forms and tables.
  • AWS Backup enables you to centralize and automate data protection across AWS services.
  • AWS CloudHSM is a cloud-based hardware security module (HSM) that enables you to easily generate and use your own encryption keys on the AWS Cloud.
  • AWS CodePipeline is a fully managed continuous delivery service that helps you automate your release pipelines for fast and reliable application and infrastructure updates.
  • AWS Ground Station is a fully managed service that lets you control satellite communications, process data, and scale your operations without having to worry about building or managing your own ground station infrastructure.
  • AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate and AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise. AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate provides a fully managed Chef Automate server and suite of automation tools that give you workflow automation for continuous deployment, automated testing for compliance and security, and a user interface that gives you visibility into your nodes and node statuses. AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise is a fully managed configuration management service that hosts Puppet Enterprise, a set of automation tools from Puppet for infrastructure and application management.
  • AWS Personal Health Dashboard provides alerts and guidance for AWS events that might affect your environment, and provides proactive and transparent notifications about your specific AWS environment.
  • AWS Resource Groups grants you the ability to organize your AWS resources, and manage and automate tasks on large numbers of resources at one time.
  • AWS Security Hub is a cloud security posture management service that performs security best practice checks, aggregates alerts, and enables automated remediation.
  • AWS Storage Gateway is a set of hybrid cloud storage services that gives you on-premises access to virtually unlimited cloud storage.
  • AWS Systems Manager provides a unified user interface so you can track and resolve operational issues across your AWS applications and resources from a central place.
  • AWS X-Ray helps developers analyze and debug production, distributed applications, such as those built using a microservices architecture.

The following services are now listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace and the AWS Services in Scope by Compliance Program page.

Service authorizations by Region

Service FedRAMP Moderate in AWS US East/West FedRAMP High in AWS GovCloud (US)
Amazon Cognito  
Amazon Comprehend Medical
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS)  
Amazon Pinpoint  
Amazon QuickSight  
Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES)  
Amazon Textract
AWS Backup
AWS CloudHSM  
AWS CodePipeline
AWS Ground Station  

AWS OpsWorks for Chef Automate and

AWS OpsWorks for Puppet Enterprise

AWS Personal Health Dashboard
AWS Resource Groups  
AWS Security Hub  
AWS Storage Gateway
AWS Systems Manager

AWS is continually expanding the scope of our compliance programs to help customers use authorized services for sensitive and regulated workloads. Today, AWS offers 100 AWS services authorized in the AWS US East/West Regions under FedRAMP Moderate Authorization, and 90 services authorized in the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions under FedRAMP High Authorization.

To learn what other public sector customers are doing on AWS, see our Customer Success Stories page. For up-to-date information when new services are added, see our AWS Services in Scope by Compliance Program page.

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Alexis Robinson

Alexis is the Head of the U.S. Government Security & Compliance Program for AWS. For over 10 years, she has served federal government clients advising on security best practices and conducting cyber and financial assessments. She currently supports the security of the AWS internal environment including cloud services applicable to AWS East/West and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions.