DRM-CI: A GitLab-CI pipeline for Linux kernel testing (Collabora Blog)

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Over on the Collabora blog, Helen Koike writes
about the DRM-CI project for running automated continuous integration (CI)
tests on multiple graphics devices in several different labs. It uses the
for testing, though there are plans to expand:

The roadmap for DRM-CI includes enabling other devices, incorporating
additional tests like kselftests, adding support for vgem driver, and
implementing further automations. DRM-CI builds upon the groundwork laid by
Mesa3D CI,
including its GitLab YAML files and most of its setup, fostering
collaboration and mutual strengthening.

[…] Adapting the DRM-CI pipeline to other subsystems is feasible with a
few modifications. The primary consideration is setting up dedicated
GitLab-CI runners since Freedesktop’s infrastructure is meant only for

In light of this, our team is developing a versatile and user-friendly
GitLab-CI pipeline. This new pipeline is envisioned to function as a
flexible interface for kernel maintainers and developers that can be
evolved to connect with different test environments that can also be hooked
with CI systems such as KernelCI. This approach aims to simplify the
integration process, making GitLab-CI more accessible and beneficial to a
broader range of developers.