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Security updates for Monday

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Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (qtpass), Debian (libkohana2-php, libxml2, transmission, and xmltooling), Fedora (kernel and qpid-cpp), Gentoo (PolarSSL and xen), Mageia (flash-player-plugin, irssi, kernel, kernel-linus, kernel-tmb, libvorbis, microcode, nvidia-current, php & libgd, poppler, webkit2, and wireshark), openSUSE (gifsicle, glibc, GraphicsMagick, gwenhywfar, ImageMagick, libetpan, mariadb, pngcrush, postgresql94, rsync, tiff, and wireshark), and Oracle (kernel).

Security updates for Monday

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Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (cacti, curl, exim, lib32-curl, lib32-libcurl-compat, lib32-libcurl-gnutls, lib32-libxcursor, libcurl-compat, libcurl-gnutls, libofx, libxcursor, procmail, samba, shadowsocks-libev, and thunderbird), Debian (tor), Fedora (kernel, moodle, mupdf, python-sanic, qbittorrent, qpid-cpp, and rb_libtorrent), Mageia (git, lame, memcached, nagios, perl-Catalyst-Plugin-Static-Simple, php-phpmailer, shadowsocks-libev, and varnish), openSUSE (binutils, libressl, lynx, openssl, tor, wireshark, and xen), Red Hat (thunderbird), Scientific Linux (kernel, qemu-kvm, and thunderbird), SUSE (kernel, ncurses, openvpn-openssl1, and xen), and Ubuntu (curl, evince, and firefox).

Estefannie’s GPS-Controlled GoPro Photo Taker

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Are you tired of having to take selfies physically? Do you only use your GoPro for the occasional beach vacation? Are you maybe even wondering what to do with the load of velcro you bought on a whim? Then we have good news for you: Estefannie‘s back to help you out with her Personal Automated GPS-Controlled Portable Photo Taker…PAGCPPT for short…or pagsssspt, if you like.


Hey World! Do you like vacation pictures but don’t like taking them? Make your own Personal Automated GPS Controlled Portable Photo Taker! The code, components, and instructions are in my Hackster.io account: https://www.hackster.io/estefanniegg/automated-gps-controlled-photo-taker-3fc84c For this build, I decided to put together a backpack to take pictures of me when I am close to places that like.

The Personal Automated GPS-Controlled Portable Photo Taker

Try saying that five times in a row.

Go on. I’ll wait.

Using a Raspberry Pi 3, a GPS module, a power pack, and a GoPro plus GoPro Stick, Estefannie created the PAGCPPT as a means of automatically taking selfies at pre-specified tourist attractions across London.

Estefannie Explains it All Raspberry Pi GPS GoPro Camera

There’s pie in my backpack too…but it’s a bit messy

With velcro and hot glue, she secured the tech in place on (and inside) a backpack. Then it was simply a case of programming her set up to take pictures while she walked around the city.

Estefannie Explains it All Raspberry Pi GPS GoPro Camera

Making the GoPro…go

Estefannie made use of a GoPro API library to connect her GoPro to the Raspberry Pi via WiFi. With the help of this library, she wrote a Python script that made the GoPro take a photograph whenever her GPS module placed her within a ten-metre radius of a pre-selected landmark such as Tower Bridge, Abbey Road, or Platform 9 3/4.

Estefannie Explains it All Raspberry Pi GPS GoPro Camera

“Accio selfie.”

The full script, as well as details regarding the components she used for the project, can be found on her hackster.io page here.

Estefannie Explains it All

You’ll have noticed that we’ve covered Estefannie once or twice before on the Raspberry Pi blog. We love project videos that convey a sense of ‘Oh hey, I can totally build one of those!’, and hers always tick that box. They are imaginative, interesting, quirky, and to be totally honest with you, I’ve been waiting for this particular video since she hinted at it on her visit to Pi Towers in May. I got the inside scoop, yo!

What’s better than taking pictures? Not taking pictures. But STILL having pictures. I made a personal automated GPS controlled Portable Photo Taker ⚡ NEW VIDEO ALERT⚡ Link in bio.

1,351 Likes, 70 Comments – Estefannie Explains It All (@estefanniegg) on Instagram: “What’s better than taking pictures? Not taking pictures. But STILL having pictures. I made a…”

Make sure to follow her on YouTube and Instagram for more maker content and random shenanigans. And if you have your own maker social media channel, YouTube account, blog, etc, this is your chance to share it for the world to see in the comments below!

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Security updates for Monday

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Security updates have been issued by Arch Linux (irssi, lib32-libtasn1, and wireshark-cli), Debian (libmwaw, otrs2, and tor), Fedora (ansible, freeradius, gnutls, mingw-poppler, mosquitto, oniguruma, perltidy, picocom, systemd, and wget), Mageia (ansible, dropbear, gajim, libsndfile, libxslt, lxc, zoneminder, and zziplib), openSUSE (ffmpeg, libnettle, mysql-connector-cpp, mysql-workbench, and wireshark), and Ubuntu (irssi).

Enforcing a Whitespace Regime

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So, you want to be as tough as the kernel guys and enforce a strict
whitespace regime on your project? But you lack the whitespace
fascists with too many free time lurking on your mailing list who
might do all the bitching about badly formatted patches for you?
Salvation is here:

Stick this
pre-commit file
in your SVN repository as
hooks/pre-commit and give it a chmod +x and your
SVN server will do all the bitching for you — for free:

#!/bin/bash -e



# Require some text in the log
$SVNLOOK log -t "$TXN" "$REPOS" | grep -q '[a-zA-Z0-9]' || exit 1

# Block commits with tabs or trailing whitespace
$SVNLOOK diff -t "$TXN" "$REPOS" | python /dev/fd/3 3<<'EOF'
import sys
ignore = True
SUFFIXES = [ ".c", ".h", ".cc", ".C", ".cpp", ".hh", ".H", ".hpp", ".java" ]
filename = None

for ln in sys.stdin:

        if ignore and ln.startswith("+++ "):
                filename = ln[4:ln.find("\t")].strip()
                ignore = not reduce(lambda x, y: x or y, map(lambda x: filename.endswith(x), SUFFIXES))

        elif not ignore:
		if ln.startswith("+"):

			if ln.count("\t") > 0:
                        	sys.stderr.write("\n*** Transaction blocked, %s contains tab character:\n\n%s" % (filename, ln))

                	if ln.endswith(" \n"):
                        	sys.stderr.write("\n*** Transaction blocked, %s contains lines with trailing whitespace:\n\n%s<EOL>\n" % (filename, ln.rstrip("\n")))

		if not (ln.startswith("@") or \
			ln.startswith("-") or \
			ln.startswith("+") or \
			ln.startswith(" ")):

			ignore = True


exit "$?"

This will cause all commits to be blocked that don’t follow my personal tase of whitespace rules.

Of course, it is up to you to adjust this script to your personal
taste of fascism. If you hate tabs like I do, and fear trailing
whitespace like I do, than you can use this script without any
changes. Otherwise, learn Python and do some trivial patching.

Hmm, so you wonder why anyone would enforce a whitespace regime
like this? First of all, it’s a chance to be part of a regime —
where you are the dictator! Secondly, if people use tabs source files
look like Kraut und Rüben, different in every
editor[1]. Thirdly, trailing whitespace make clean diffs
difficult[2]. And think of the hard disk space savings!

I wonder how this might translate into GIT. I have a couple of GIT
repositories where I’d like to enforce a similar regime as in my SVN repositories. Suggestions welcome!

Oh, and to make it bearable to live under such a regime, configure
your $EDITOR properly, for example by hooking
nuke-trailing-whitespace.el to 'write-file-hooks in


[1] Yes, some people think this is a feature. I don’t. But talk to /dev/null if you want to discuss this with me.

[2] Yes, there is diff -b, but it is still a PITA.