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Handy Tips #33: Pause unwanted alarms by suppressing your problems

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Suppress problems indefinitely or until a specific point in time with the problem suppression feature.

There are plenty of use cases when detected infrastructure or business problems need to be temporarily suppressed, and the alerting workflows have to be paused. This applies to scenarios such as emergency maintenance, unexpected load on your systems, migrations to new environments, and many others.

Use Zabbix problem suppression feature to suppress unwanted problems and pause your alerts:

  • Suppress problems indefinitely or until a specific point in time
  • Suppress a single problem or together with all of the related problems

  • Pause your actions until the problem suppression is over
  • Use relative or absolute time syntax to suppress problems until a specific point in time

Check out the video to learn how to use the problem suppression feature:

How to suppress unwanted problems:

  1. Open the MonitoringProblems page or a Problems widget
  2. Find the problem that you wish to suppress
  3. Press the No button under the Ack column
  4. Select the suppression scope
  5. Mark the Suppress checkbox
  6. Select the suppression method
  7. If you have selected Until provide the date or suppression interval
  8. Optionally, provide a message that will be visible to others
  9. Press the Update button
  10. Once the window has been refreshed, the problem will be hidden
  11. Open the Problems widget or the Problems page configuration
  12. Mark the Show suppressed problems checkbox
  13. Inspect the suppressed problem

Tips and best practices
  • Once suppressed the problem is marked by a blinking suppression icon in the Info column, before being hidden
  • A suppressed problem may be hidden or shown, depending on the problem filter/widget settings
  • Suppression details are displayed in a popup when positioning the mouse on the suppression icon in the Actions column
  • The event.acknowledge API method can be used to suppress/unsuppress a problem via Zabbix API

Do you wish to learn how to automatically detect and resolve complex problems in your infrastructure by creating smart problem thresholds?
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