Zabbix SNMP monitoring one-day training course

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SNMP – Simple network management protocol is a networking protocol that is extremely prevalent in network hardware such as switches and routers, as well as a variety of other devices such as printers, power supplies and even regular server hosts. Depending on the device, a wide array of metrics can be retrieved by using SNMP without the need to deploy any additional software on the target device. Our newly introduced Zabbix SNMP monitoring one-day extra course will teach you all you need to know about SNMP and how to use Zabbix to get the most out of your SNMP devices with the most optimal data collection approach.

Course contents

The goal of the course is to introduce the core concepts behind SNMP and provide the attendees with the skills necessary to extract the required metrics from SNMP endpoints. The course covers topics such as:

  • SNMP core concepts
  • SNMP command line utilities
  • Differences between SNMP versions
  • SNMP resource discovery with Zabbix Low-level discovery feature
  • Optimizing SNMP data collection with the SNMP walk[*] item introduced in Zabbix 6.4
  • Configuring and monitoring SNMP traps

The course will be hosted by a Zabbix Certified Trainer with thorough experience in SNMP monitoring and Zabbix configuration. The courses are designed with open Q&A sessions in mind, where attendees can discuss their current and potential use cases and how the course contents can be applied to their own real-life scenarios.

Zabbix Certified Specialist on-site training

SNMP monitoring in Zabbix 6.4 and newer versions

Zabbix 6.4 introduces a whole new approach to bulk SNMP monitoring – the walk[*] item. During the course, attendees will learn how the new bulk data collection approach greatly increases the metric collection speed and reduces the potential performance impact on the monitoring endpoint. The course covers the main differences between the old and new approaches and demonstrates how the new SNMP items can be configured in the correct manner. Trainers will also demonstrate and provide the opportunity to practice SNMP resource discovery with the new walk[*] item and Zabbix low-level discovery (LLD) features.

Practical tasks

Depending on the device and vendor, configuring SNMP monitoring can be both very simple or it may require understanding the underlying OID structure to find the data that you’re looking for. To guide our students through real-life scenarios in understanding how SNMP monitoring may differ across devices and vendors, the course includes practical tasks, during which the participants will get the opportunity to configure Zabbix SNMP monitoring for an array of network devices belonging to a selection of the most popular vendors, such as Cisco, HP and Mikrotik. By the end of the course, students will have both a theoretical and practical understanding of SNMP as a protocol and how it can be used by Zabbix for metric collection and problem detection.

At the end of the course, every attendee will receive the course attendance certificate.

Sign up for the SNMP monitoring Zabbix training course and check our other one-day extra courses by visiting the Zabbix Training Extra Courses page.

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