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Developing Purpose-Built & Turnkey RF Applications

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Developing Purpose-Built & Turnkey RF Applications 

This ThinkRF white paper will explore how SIs can develop a purpose-built, turnkey RF application that lets end-users improve their business and understand the spectrum environment.


Save Time with Ready-To-Use Measurements

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The right measurement applications can increase the functionality of your signal analyzer and reduce your time to insight with ready-to-use measurements, built-in results displays, and standards conformance tests. They can also help ensure consistent measurement results across different teams and your design cycle. This efficiency means you can spend less time setting up measurements and more time evaluating and improving your designs. Learn about general-purpose or application-specific measurements that can help save you time and maintain measurement consistency in this eBook.


Register for Our Application Note “Tips and Tricks on How to Verify Control Loop Stability”

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The Application Note explains the main measurement concept and will guide the user during the measurements and mention the main topics in a practical manner. Wherever possible, a hint is given where the user should pay attention. 

The Latest Techniques in Power Supply Test – Get the App Note

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DC Electronic Loads are becoming more popular in test systems as more electronic devices convert or store energy. Learn about Keysight’s next-generation electronic loads, allowing for a complete DC power conversion solution on the popular N6700 modular power system.


How to Reduce the Bill of Material Costs with Digital Signal Processing

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The need to decrease the bill of material (BOM) costs in embedded products is being driven by the need for high volume, low-cost sensor systems. As IoT devices become more sophisticated, they require developers to utilize digital signal processing (DSP) to handle more features within the product, such as device provisioning.

In this paper, we will examine how DSP can be used to reduce a product’s cost.

You will learn:

  • The technology trends moving data processing to the edge of the network to enable more compute performance
  • The benefits of digital signal processing, including decreased product dimensions, product flexibility, shorter design cycle, and in-field adaptability
  • How to convert analog circuits to software using modeling software such as MathWorks MATLAB or Advanced Solutions Nederlands (ASN) filter designer
  • How to select the right DSP processor solution to benefit from reduced BOM costs
  • The capabilities and features of the Arm Cortex-M processors with DSP extensions to help you get your signal processing application running as quickly as possible

Artificial Intelligence in Software Defined SIGINT Systems

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As wireless protocols grow more complex, spectrum environments become more contested and electronic warfare increases in sophistication.

Read how you can combine artificial intelligence and deep learning with commercial off-the-shelf software-defined radio hardware to train algorithms.

You can teach them to detect new threats faster, reduce development risk and support burden, and deploy in signals intelligence and spectrum monitoring scenarios limited by SWaP (size, weight, and power). 

Education & Research Resources from Industry

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There is a limited number of Keysight’s Education and Research Resources USB drives still available. Get over 200 technical items such as application notes, technical briefs, links to videos and webinars. Topics include materials research, test and measurement science, software and much more. Don’t miss out on this must-have educational tool that contains the latest educational resources to help you succeed in your classroom and lab.

Please note: This offer is only available in the United States and Canada.


Understanding ADC Bits

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Did you know your oscilloscope’s effective number of bits (ENOB) is just as important as the number of ADC bits? ADC bits is one of the most widely known specifications. Many engineers rely on this as the sole specification that determines an oscilloscope’s quality. However, the importance of ADC bits is often exaggerated while other critical indications of signal integrity get pushed to the background. Learn about the major impacts ENOB has on your measurements.


A Guide to Computational Storage

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To be successful in this increasingly digital world, organizations need the infrastructure and technology to be capable of delivering and storing data and analytics in a fast, secure and efficient way.

Computational storage enables organizations to create customer value by maximizing the benefits of big data. It puts processing power directly on the storage device, giving companies quick and easy access to vital information.

This easy-to-read guide provides an introduction to computational storage and its benefits, walking through real-world examples of how it’s deployed today and what to consider when implementing it in your device. 

Read this guide to learn: 

  • What is computational storage and how it works
  • The benefits it brings to architects, developers and organizations
  • How to move from a traditional storage solution to a more intelligent device
  • Real-world examples from Arm’s partners

How to Solve EMI Effects of a 5G Smartphone

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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) affects the performance of electronics and is a critical consideration in the design of new 5G user equipment (UE). ANSYS examines potential EMI issues with an integrated phased array antenna on a DDR4 bus of a 5G smartphone. Download the white paper to learn how.


How to Perform a Security Investigation in AWS

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Do you have a plan in place describing how to investigate in Amazon Web Services (AWS)? What security controls, techniques, and data sources can you leverage when investigating and containing an incident in the cloud? Join SANS and AWS Marketplace to learn how to leverage different technologies to determine the source and timeline of the event, and the systems targeted to define a reliable starting point from which to begin your investigations.

Attendants will learn:

  • Prerequisites for performing an effective investigation
  • Services that enable an investigation
  • How to plan an investigation
  • Steps to completing an investigation in AWS

Test Ops Agile Design and Test

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In the 1990s, agile software development profoundly transformed software development. Agile is far more than a process; it’s a new way to work. Today, a similar transformation is happening in test and measurement: TestOps. Learn about TestOps and how to accelerate your product development workflow.


Accelerate your innovation with NI Wireless Research Handbook

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Download the latest edition of NI’s Wireless Research Handbook, which includes research examples from around the world and across a wide range of advanced wireless research topics. This comprehensive look at next-generation wireless systems will offer you a more in-depth view of how prototyping can enhance research results.

Applications include:

· Flexible Waveform Shaping Based on UTW-OFDM for 5G and Beyond

· Flexible Real-Time Waveform Generator for Mixed-Service Scenarios

· In-Band Full-Duplex SDR for MAC Protocol with Collision Detection

· Bandwidth-Compressed Spectrally Efficient Communication System

· World-Leading Parallel Channel Sounder Platform

· Distributed Massive MIMO: Algorithm for TDD Reciprocity Calibration

· Wideband/Opportunistic Map-Based Full-Duplex Radios

· An Experimental SDR Platform for In-Band D2D Communications in 5G

· Wideband Multichannel Signal Recorder for Radar Applications

· Passive and Active Radar Imaging

· Multi-antenna Technology for Reliable Wireless Communication

· Radio Propagation Analysis for the Factories of the Future

Nonlinear Magnetic Materials Modeling Webinar

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In this webinar, you will learn how to model ferromagnetic materials and other nonlinear magnetic materials in the COMSOL® software.

Ferromagnetic materials exhibit saturation and hysteresis. These factors are major challenges in the design of electric motors and transformers because they affect the iron loss. In addition, the loss of ferromagnetic properties at elevated temperatures (Curie temperatures) is an important nonlinear multiphysics effect in, for example, induction heating. It can also cause permanent material degradation in permanent magnet motors.

This webinar will demonstrate how to build high-fidelity finite element models of ferromagnetic devices using COMSOL Multiphysics®. The presentation concludes with a Q&A session.


Magnus Olsson, Technology Manager, COMSOL

Magnus Olsson joined COMSOL in 1996 and currently leads development for the electromagnetic design products. He holds an MSc in engineering physics and a PhD in plasma physics and fusion research. Prior to joining COMSOL, he worked as a consulting specialist in electromagnetic computations for the Swedish armed forces.


Attendees of this IEEE Spectrum webinar have the opportunity to earn PDHs or Continuing Education Certificates!  To request your certificate you will need to get a code. Once you have registered and viewed the webinar send a request to [email protected] for a webinar code. To request your certificate complete the form here:

Attendance is free. To access the event please register.

NOTE: By registering for this webinar you understand and agree that IEEE Spectrum will share your contact information with the sponsors of this webinar and that both IEEE Spectrum and the sponsors may send email communications to you in the future.​

Automotive Radar

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Download or order our beautifully designed automotive radar poster. It provides an overview of the technologies that make new cars safer and more convenient, including a snapshot of radar technology from 24 to 81 GHz.

Get into the fast lane with the latest technical resources on autonomous driving. Learn about the design and test of complex sensor and communication technologies being built into autonomous vehicles from our white paper and posters.


Energy Research User Handbook

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This book includes a select set of examples curated to show how researchers and industrial partners are changing the way we produce and consume energy. See what is possible when leveraging the NI platform.

Featured in Handbook:

· Renewables

· Nuclear

· Condition Monitoring

· Fusion

· Tidal

· Wind

· Photovoltaics

JumpStart Guide to Security Investigations and Posture Management in AWS

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Many organizations know how to conduct a security investigation and have a basic understanding of their security posture status. However, some areas of an organization’s environment can be easily overlooked that may affect their security posture or an investigation, such as misconfiguration and hidden interrelationships.

There are solutions available to enable your ability to conduct effective investigations and help improve your organization’s security posture in AWS. This webinar provides guidance on the key considerations when choosing those solutions.

Attendants will learn:

  • Needs and capabilities associated with security investigations and posture management technologies
  • Important business, technical, and operational considerations for implementation of selected tools
  • AWS-specific considerations for selection of data sources, investigation solutions, and posture management solutions
  • Process for making an informed decision about products to integrate
  • How security posture management solutions can be integrated into investigation processes like Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian for AWS