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How YouTube Paved the Way for Google’s Stadia Cloud Gaming Service

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Google’s vision is that any device that can play YouTube videos will also have access to cloud gaming through Stadia

When Google’s executives floated a vision for the Stadia cloud gaming service that could make graphically intensive gaming available on any device, they knew the company wouldn’t have to build all the necessary technology from scratch. Instead, the tech giant planned to leverage its expertise in shaping Internet standards and installing infrastructure to support YouTube video streaming for more than a billion people worldwide.

This AI Watched 100 Films to Learn How to Recognize a Kiss

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A senior data scientist at Netflix trained an AI to detect kissing scenes in films—and had to take precautions to make sure the model didn’t confuse kissing with sex

Like someone who has never been kissed, AI began learning the basics by binge-watching romantic film clips to see how Hollywood stars lock lips. By training deep learning algorithms that have already proven adept at recognizing faces and objects to also recognize steamy kissing scenes dramatized by professional actors, a data scientist has shown how AI systems could gain greater insight into the most intimate human activities.

To Fly Solo, Racing Drones Have a Need for AI Speed Training

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The U.S. military and defense industry see drone racing as a new frontier for AI development

Drone racing’s ultimate vision of quadcopters weaving nimbly through obstacle courses has attracted far less excitement and investment than self-driving cars aimed at reshaping ground transportation. But the U.S. military and defense industry are betting on autonomous drone racing as the next frontier for developing AI so that it can handle high-speed navigation within tight spaces without human intervention.

Machine Learning Predicts Kids at Risk of Not Getting Vaccinated

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Predictive computer models could prompt physicians to talk with families who are skeptical of vaccines

Growing skepticism toward vaccines has sparked a flareup of measles outbreaks affecting New York City neighborhoods, cruise ships, international airports and even Google’s Mountain View headquarters. To help family physicians reach out to vaccine-hesitant parents, data scientists have shown how computer models can predict the likelihood that an individual child’s parents will not get him or her vaccinated.

Floating Cell Towers Are the Next Step for 5G

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Terrestrial 5G networks will support high-altitude balloons and drones, and could someday merge with them

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As the world races to deploy speedy 5G mobile networks on the ground, some companies remain focused on floating cell towers in the sky. During the final session of the sixth annual Brooklyn 5G Summit on Thursday, Silicon Valley and telecom leaders discussed whether aerial drones and balloons could finally begin providing commercial mobile phone and Internet service from the air.

How the U.S. Can Prepare to Live in China’s 5G World

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China’s first-mover advantage in deploying 5G networks capable of transforming national economies has major implications for the United States

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If you believe the triumphalist messaging from U.S. president Donald Trump’s White House and from the U.S. telecommunications industry, the United States is racing neck and neck with China in a global competition to roll out speedy 5G mobile networks. But the U.S. military’s premier advisory board of academic researchers and private sector technologists has warned that China’s front-runner position means it will likely win much of the world’s business in deploying 5G infrastructure and services. With that in mind, it has advised that the United States would be wise to adopt a strategy akin to “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”